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      Levels of Bifurcation of the Sciatic Nerve among Ugandans at School of Biomedical Sciences Makerere and Mulago Hospital Uganda [1]
      Levels of bifurcation of the sciatic nerve among Ugandans at School of Biomedical Sciences Makerere and Mulago Hospital Uganda [1]
      Lia. [1]
      Liberalisation of agricultural markets, livelihood patterns and gender relations in Central Uganda: The case of Ntenjeru Sub County, Mukono District [1]
      Library automation and graduate students’ access to information at Makerere University [1]
      Library information management tool: a case for National Library of Uganda. [1]
      Lidri Loso Esu Uru [1]
      Life events and depression in the context of the changing African family: the case of Uganda [1]
      Life events and onset of mania in patients with bipolar 1 disorder admitted to Butabika hospital. [1]
      Life events associated with major depression in Ugandan Primary Healthcare (PHC) patients: issues of cultural specificity [1]
      Life history traits and growth of Nile Perch, Lates Niloticus (l.), in Lake Victoria, Uganda: Implications for management of the fishery [1]
      Lifecycle analysis of solid waste management in Ntungamo Municipal Council [1]
      Limitations and opportunities of NAADS farm led and privately serviced extension system in Nakisunga sub-county, Mukono District [2]
      Limitations of Rapid HIV-1 tests during screening for trials in Uganda: diagnostic test accuracy study [1]
      Limitations of the law on the certificate of customary ownership under the Land Act, 1998: A case study of Bukonzo County, Kasese District [1]
      Limitations on solid waste management law in Uganda: A case study of Kampala City Council [1]
      Limits of translatability of language and cultural specificities: A case study of a translation of Runyoro-Rutooro folktales, proverbs and poems into English [1]
      Lina [1]
      Lini uga Uganda Palanda. [1]
      Linkage to HIV care and survival following inpatient HIV counseling and testing [1]