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    • Elevated natural killer cell activity despite altered functional and phenotypic profile in Ugandans with HIV-1 Clade A or Clade D infection. 

      Eller, Michael A.; Eller, Leigh Anne; Ouma, Benson J.; Thelian, Doris; Gonzalez, Veronica D.; Guwatudde, David; Currier, Jeffrey R.; McCutchan, Francine E.; Marovich, Mary A.; Michael, Nelson L.; de Souza, Mark S.; Wabwire-Mangen, Fred; Robb, Merlin L.; Sandberg, Johan K. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009)
      Background and Objective: Natural killer (NK) cells most likely contribute toward limiting HIV-1 replication, and investigation into their function throughout the course of infection is therefore important. We here aimed ...
    • Large-scale human immunodefficiecy virus rapid test evaluation in a low-prevalence Ugandan blood bank population 

      Eller, Leigh A.; Eller, Michael A.; Ouma, Benson J.; Kataaha, Peter; Bagaya, Bernard S.; Olemukan, Robert L.; Erima, Simon; Kawala, Lillian; de Souza, Mark S.; Kibuuka, Hannah; Wabwire-Mangen, Fred; Peel, Sheila A.; O'Connell, Robert J.; Robb, Merlin L.; Michael, Nelson L. (American Society for Microbiology, 2007-10)
      The use of rapid tests for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has become standard in HIV testing algorithms employed in resource-limited settings. We report an extensive HIV rapid test validation study conducted among ...