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The Library has a collection of works about music and music-related materials which include; manuscripts, archival sound recordings of folklore, oral histories and performance history, as well as materials that support study, teaching and research in music. The library also collects music materials that form part of the documentary record of culture, as part of the Library’s national heritage responsibilities. The library has got a well equipped listening centre located on Ground Floor of the New Library Building.

Recent Submissions

  • Akuru, JB Richard (2010-06-18)
    The song talks about the female dancers singing out the words of the first Mure song.
  • Amanzuru, Godfrey (2010-06-06)
    The song talks about origin of sin on the earth.
  • Korutaro, Elivaida (2010-06-05)
    The song says "Let all women rise up and develop our group".
  • Mutegaya Rwanyamukinya, Eldad (2010-08-06)
    The song is about having a sense of belonging.
  • Mindraa, Ezterina (2010-06-05)
    It's an interview about Kore Dance.
  • Madira, Kennedy (2011-05-08)
    It's a song of J.M Kennedy sung to encourage his fans to dance with him.
  • Rwandeme, Abdu (2010-06-02)
    The interview is about Enanga (Zither).
  • Mindraa, Ezterina (2010-06-05)
    The song is lamenting about the suffering experienced by women from domestic level to the society.
  • Ombaru, Milika (2011-05-03)
    The folktale is about seven different stories all told by Ombaru Milika.
  • Asiku, May (2011-05-16)
    The song talks about suffering.
  • Aparo, May (2011-05-16)
    The song talks about divorce.
  • Amanzuru, Godfrey (2010-06-06)
    The song talks about gospel instrumental Music for praising God.
  • Amanzuru, Godfrey (2010-06-06)
    The song seeks for protection from Jesus Christ from the storms of this world
  • Amanzuru, Godfrey (2010-06-06)
    The song talks about praising the new bus for Adjumani and Moyo.
  • Rwandeme, Abdu (2010-06-02)
    The interview was about the flute Rwandame was playing.
  • Mindraa, Ezterina (2010-06-05)
    The song talks about how women are oppressed world wide.
  • Mindraa, Ezterina (2010-06-05)
    It's about a tune played on the drums and the Mio(beads)
  • Nyabutono, Juliet (2010-06-05)
    The song talks about Kashenyi village as a place where they welcome beautiful people.
  • Ebu (Job) 
    Amanzuru, Godfrey (2010-06-06)
    The song talks about the difficulty in acquring a job.
  • Amanzuru, Godfrey (2010-06-06)
    The song is about worshiping the Lord during Christmas time

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