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      Government domestic borrowing and private sector credit in Uganda : a time series analysis [1]
      Government expenditure and economic growth in Uganda [1]
      Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in Uganda. [1]
      Health expenditure and economic growth in East Africa. Does institutional quality matter? [1]
      HIV/AIDS prevalence information and individual protective sexual behaviours in Uganda: An empirical examination [1]
      Hybrid maize seed use and maize productivity in Uganda [1]
      Impact of Commercial Banks’ Lending to Agricultural Sector on the Performance of the Sector: 2008:1-2017:4 [1]
      Impact of credit risk and outreach on sustainability of financial institutions in Uganda: 2009 -2013 [1]
      The impact of customer care services on the retention of customers at Nansubuga General Hardware [1]
      The impact of domestic debt on Uganda’s economic growth [1]
      The impact of domestic resource mobilization on debt sustainability: evidence from Uganda. [1]
      The Impact of Domestic Savings and Trade Openness on Kenya’s Economic Growth (1985-2017) [1]
      Impact of Domestic Savings on Economic Growth in Uganda [1]
      The Impact of Exchange Rate on Private Sector Investments in Uganda [1]
      Impact of export performance on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      Impact of exports on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      The impact of external debt on economic growth in Sub Saharan Africa: A panel data analysis [1]
      The Impact of External Debt on Uganda’s Economic Growth [1]
      The impact of financial innovation on savings in Uganda [1]
      The impact of food and energy price shocks on cost of living for rural and urban households in Uganda [1]