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      Labour productivity among small-and medium-scale enterprises in Uganda: the role of innovation [1]
      Lending rates and performance of microfinance institutions in Uganda: a case study of Pride Microfinance [1]
      The level of Influence of the Eucharistic celebration on the Catholic Family Social Life in Busuubizi Catholic Parish. [1]
      Macro Economic Determinants of Balance of Trade: The Case of Uganda [1]
      Macroeconomic determinants of domestic revenue in Uganda for the period 1999 to 2017 [1]
      Macroeconomic determinants of savings in Uganda [1]
      Macroeconomic determinants of tax revenue growth in Uganda (1985 - 2019) [1]
      Macroeconomic determinants of unemployment rate in Uganda [1]
      Market orientation, cultural awareness and performance of multinational firms: A case of multinational firms in Uganda [1]
      Mobile money services and financial inclusion in rural areas of Uganda: A case study of Bukomansimbi [1]
      Mobile money services and financial inclusion in rural Uganda, a case study of mobile money users in Buikwe district [1]
      Modeling the demand for money at a micro level: A case of Uganda [1]
      Monetary Policy Framework and Economic Growth in Uganda: Effectiveness of Inflation Targeting Framework [1]
      Motivation and teachers’ productivity in private and public schools in Kira municipality, Wakiso district [1]
      Multidimensional Poverty and Its Determinants: A Longitudinal Perspective [1]
      Non-performing loans in Barclays Bank Uganda [1]
      Official development assistance and its impact on economic growth: Uganda's case (1980-2015) [1]
      Organization commitment, internal control system, accountability and return on investment: The case of projects for National Housing and Construction Company Limited [NHCCL] [1]
      Pensions and timing of retirement: the case of the public service pension scheme in Uganda [1]
      Policies towards external debt sustainability in Uganda(1980-2004) [1]