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      The socio-political dillema of liberating women in East Africa. [1]
      Socioeconomic status, depression and domestic violence against rural women [1]
      Solid waste management and cost recovery in Kampala City: A case study of Wabigalo Paris [1]
      Substance abuse and their social effects on adolescents in Uganda: A study of secondary school students in Nakawa Division, Kampala District [1]
      Substance abuse and their social effects on adolescents in Uganda: a study of secondary school students in Nakawa division, Kampala district [1]
      Survival strategies for child headed households in Nakawa Division in Kampala District. [1]
      Survival strategies of single mothers and family welfare provision in a peri-urban situation: a case study of Lugazi Town Council, Mukono District [1]
      Sustainability of a community-based environmental management malaria control programme: A case of the Environmental Health Project in Jinja District [1]
      Temporal and spatial patterns of urban sprawl and their implications on environmental planning in Mbarara municipality [1]
      The Uganda Police Force in the protection and promotion of the right to freedom from torture in Kampala Metropolitan: A case study of selected Police Divisions. [1]
      Uganda’s compliance with the Millennium Development Goal of ensuring environmental sustainability: a case of Wakiso District, 2005-2009 [1]
      Uganda’s foreign policy and human rights in the Great Lakes Region [1]
      Uganda’s refugee policy: A case of Bidi Bidi Camp [1]
      Understanding the obstacles to the growth of the insurance industry in Uganda [1]
      Universal Secondary Education: review of the implementation progress in Kiboga District. [1]
      Utilization of family planning methods by refugee women: a case study of Nakivale Refugee Settlement [1]
      Utilization of family planning services by young women living with HIV/AIDS in Kampala District [1]
      Vulnerability and outcomes of orphan-hood in urban Uganda: The case of Kampala City [1]
      Water pollution, social construction of risk and household burden of disease: A case study of water use and abatement measures in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Witchcraft today: An investigation into the factors that influence Catholics to get involved in witchcraft in Yerya Parish, Fort-Portal Diocese. [1]