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      Does teaching methods and availability of teaching resources influence pupil’s performance?: evidence from four districts in Uganda [1]
      Economic and institutional efficiency of the National Agricultural Advisory Services’ programme: the case of Iganga District [1]
      Economic and Social Upgrading in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry: The Case MTN Uganda [1]
      Financial management, team work and service delivery in local governments of Uganda: The case of Mukono, Buikwe, Kayunga and Wakiso local governments. [1]
      Fiscal policy consistency and its implications for macroeconomic aggregates: the case of Uganda [1]
      Food insecurity in Uganda: a dilemma to achieving the hunger Millennium Development Goal [1]
      HIV/AIDS prevention interventions in Uganda: A policy simulation. [1]
      Impacts and determinants of panel survey attrition: the case of Northern Uganda survey 2004-2008 [1]
      Improving Girls' access to secondary schooling [1]
      Inflation differentials among Ugandan households: 1997 - 2007 [1]
      Institutional constraints to agriculture development in Uganda. [1]
      Investment opportunities and challenges in the potato value chain in Uganda [1]
      Macroeconomic and sectoral effects of the EAC Regional Integration on Uganda: A recursive computable general equilibrium analysis [1]
      Non-tariff barriers in EAC customs union: implications for trade between Uganda and other EAC countries [1]
      Revisiting Uganda’s inorganic fertilizer Supply Chain: Need for a Stronger Regulatory System [1]
      Righting resources-curse wrongs in Uganda: the case of oil discovery and the management of popular expectations [1]
      Sectoral and welfare effects of the global economic crisis on Uganda: a recursive dynamic CGE analysis [1]
      Socioeconomic Determinants of Primary School Dropout: The Logistic Model Analysis [1]
      Understanding the rice value chain in Uganda - opportunities and challenges to increased production [1]
      Youth Engagement in Agriculture in Uganda: Challenges and Prospects [1]