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      Microsporidiosis and malnutrition in children with persistent diarrhea, Uganda [1]
      Mid-term clinical and radiological outcomes in children with Idiopathic Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (ICTEV) managed by the ponseti technique at Mulago Hospital - Uganda. [1]
      Millennium development goals: challenges for health research and care [1]
      Mind the gaps: A qualitative study of perceptions of healthcare professionals on challenges and proposed remedies for cervical cancer help-seeking in post conflict Northern Uganda. [1]
      Missed Opportunities for Measles Vaccination among Children Aged 9-59 Months During 2017 Measles Supplementary Immunization Activity in Lilongwe District, Malawi. [1]
      Missed opportunities in the diagnosis and management of protein energy malnutrition among children under 5 years in Wakiso District, Uganda. [1]
      Modern contraceptive uptake and associated factors among hiv positive women attending Soroti Hospital, Uganda [1]
      Modern contraceptive use among sexually active adolescent girls (15-19 years) in Mubende District [1]
      Modern contraceptive use among women in Uganda: an analysis of trend and patterns (1995-2011) [1]
      Modified bassini versus lichtenstein technique of inguinal hernia repair in Mulago Hospital Kampala [1]
      Modified malement with early vascular control versus modified retropubic prostatectomy in the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia - a randomised controlled trial. [1]
      Molecular Characterization and Rapid Detection of Vibrio Cholerae in Uganda: the Relationship between Human Pathogens and Aquatic Environment [1]
      Molecular characterization of resistance genes to erythromycin and clindamycin in clinical isolates of Staphylococcus Aureus from Uganda [1]
      Molecular Diversity of HIV-1 among Long Term Non-progressors attending MJAP-ISS clinic, Mulago [1]
      Molecular epidemiology of Influenza A/H3N2 viruses circulating in Uganda [1]
      Molecular epidemiology of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus in patients with surgical site infections at Mulago Hospital, Kampala – Uganda [1]
      Mombasa bar-girls: a study of prostitution and venereal disease in a Kenya seaport [1]
      Monoclonal antibodies against enterocytozoon bieneusi of human origin [1]
      Morphometric and morphologic study of the human sacra at the galloway osteological collection. [1]