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      Serum oestrogen, progesterone and prolactin profiling in mastalgia at Mulago Hospital Breast Clinic [1]
      Serum selenium levels in patients with cancer of the esophagus at Mulago National Referral Hospital: a case control study. [1]
      Serum vitamin D status in children with protein-energy malnutrition admitted to Mulago Hospital [1]
      Severe malnutrition with and without HIV-1 infection in hospitalised children in Kampala, Uganda: differences in clinical features, haematological findings and CD4+ cell counts [1]
      Severe Renal Dysfunction and Risk Factors Associated with Renal Impairment in HIV-Infected Adults in Africa Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy [1]
      Severe sepsis in two Ugandan hospitals: a prospective observational study of management and outcomes in a predominantly HIV-1 infected population [1]
      Sexual risk reduction needs of adolescents living with HIV in a clinical care setting [2]
      Short report: assessing the impact of indoor residual spraying on malaria morbidity using a sentinel site surveillance system in Western Uganda [1]
      Short term clinical outcomes following elective day care primary inguinal hernia repair in Mulago hospital [1]
      Short Term Outcome in One Stage Pantalar Soft Tissue Release with Transifixation of Talonavicular Joint in Resistant Idiopathic congenital ClubFoot. [1]
      Short term outcome of haemorrhagic shock in trauma at Mulago Hospital [1]
      Short term outcomes of skull traction with a fixed weight for traumatic cervical spine dislocations at Mulago Hospital [1]
      Should development agencies care about mental health? [1]
      Significant pharmacokinetic interactions between artemether/lumefantrine and efavirenz or nevirapine in HIV-infected Ugandan adults [1]
      Smart, nano-engineered drug (NRTI)-immune conjugates for targeting HIV within reservoirs [1]
      The social construction and context of domestic violence in Wakiso District, Uganda [1]
      Social Networks of PLHA in Uganda: Implications for Mobilizing PLHA as Agents for Prevention [1]
      Social support, resilience and social reintergrationof formerly abducted children. [1]
      Social, economic, human rights and political challenges to global mental health [1]
      Socio-demographic and clinical predictors of time to discharge among patients admitted with bipolar disorder at Butabika Hospital [1]