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      Validation of the missoula-vitas quality of- life index among patients with advanced AIDS in urban Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Validity of fine needle aspiration in evaluation of aetiology of cervical lymphadenopathy in adult HIV positive patients in mulago hospital. [1]
      Validity of the rapid strip assay test for detecting HBsAg in patients admitted to hospital in Uganda [1]
      Validity of ultrasound in dignosis of scrotal filariasis in a filarial endemic area in Uganda [1]
      Value and importance of informed consent to researchers at Makerere University. [1]
      Variations of plasma concentrations of artemether-lumefantrine with age and weight in children presenting with uncomplicated malaria at Mulago Hospital. [1]
      Views and Opinions of Mothers and husbands Towards the Presence of Husbands in the Labour Ward s during ChildBirth. [1]
      Viral load and reverse transcriptase drug resistance mutations in HIV-1 isolated from mothers who transmit the virus to their infants at Kibagabaga Hospital PMTCT Clinic, Kigali, Rwanda [1]
      Viridans streptococci group: Antibiotic susceptibility profiles, cotrimoxazole prophylaxis and the molecular basis of cotrimoxazole resistance in Uganda [1]
      Vitamin D profile among patients with acute stroke admitted to Mulago hospital. [1]
      Voices on adherence to ART in Ethiopia and Uganda: a matter of choice or simply not an option [1]
      Voluntary HIV counselling and testing among men in rural western Uganda: Implications for HIV prevention [2]
      VS411 Reduced immune activation and HIV-1 RNA levels in 28 days: randomized proof-of-concept study for antiviral-hyperactivation limiting therapeutics [1]
      Vulnerability to high risk sexual behaviour (HRSB) following exposure to war trauma as seen in post-conflict communities in eastern uganda: a qualitative study [1]
      Waiting time for triaged children with emergency signs in Emergency Paediatric Unit of Mulago National Referral Hospital. [1]
      War related sexual violence and it’s medical and psychological consequences as seen in Kitgum, Northern Uganda: A cross-sectional study [1]
      What action can national and international agencies take? [2]
      What could be achieved with greater public hospital autonomy? Comparison of public and PNFP hospitals in Uganda. [1]
      When to switch for antiretroviral treatment failure in resource-limited settings? [2]
      Where is students’ research in evidence-informed decision-making in health? Assessing productivity and use of postgraduate students’ research in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review [1]