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      Improving access to priority herbal medicine in Uganda. [1]
      In-situ grafting success and carbon sequestration potential of Vitellaria paradoxa in Northern Uganda [1]
      Incidence and molecular variability of cassava brown streak disease in Rwanda [1]
      Increase of crop yields by beneficial organisms: a case study of Rhizobia use in Uganda [2]
      Indigenous chicken flocks of Eastern Uganda: I. productivity, management and strategies for better performance [2]
      Indigenous populations of rhizobia, legume response to inoculation and farmer awareness of inoculants in East and Southern Africa [1]
      Indigenous technical knowledge and forest management: A case study of sacred groves (Traditional Forest Reserves), Mpigi District, Uganda [1]
      Industrial anaerobic treatment of brewery wastewater in a tropical climate using a full-scale usable reactor seeded with activated sludge: A case study of effluent treatment plant at Uganda Breweries Limited [1]
      Influence of cropping systems on Pythium root rot epidemics in a highland agroecology of South Western Uganda [1]
      Influence of diet and management system on growth and carcass characteristics of Ugandan local chickens [1]
      The influence of gender-involvement in tree planting by Kubbi community farmers, Nebbi District Uganda [1]
      Influence of host plant resistance and disease pressure on spread of cassava brown streak disease in Uganda. [1]
      The influence of internally displaced persons' settlements on the abundance, diversity and conversation of indigenous tree resources in the Shea Park-lands of Northern Uganda [1]
      The influence of land cover change on woody floristics in West Bugwe Central Forest Reserve,Uganda [1]
      Influence of maize-legume intercropping on striga (Striga hermonthica Del. Benth) control and maize grain yield in Eastern Uganda [1]
      The influence of management practices used by farmers on productivity and the occurrence of field-peas pests and diseases in Kabale District, Uganda [1]
      The influence of maternal nutritional status, dietary intake, heamoglobin level and workloads on birth size in Kaberamaido District, Uganda [1]
      Influence of mineral zinc application on plant zinc biofortification, protein content, yield and nodule activity of bush bean genotypes. [1]
      Influence of season and cropping system on occurrence of cowpea diseases in Uganda. [1]
      Influence of technology on gender division of labour in households: The case study of wet coffee post-harvest handling in Kasese District [1]