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      Inheritance of tolerance to intermittent drought stress in selected common bean genotypes. [1]
      Inheritannce and genotype by environment interaction of high Iron and zinc content in Rwandan and Ugandan common bean seed. [1]
      Insect vectors of Xanthomonas campestris pv musacearum: Distribution across altitudes, seasons and banana cultivars in Rwanda. [1]
      Integrating geophysical exploration methods to minimise environmental impacts: A case study of oil and gas exploration, exploration area 2 Albertine Graben, Uganda. [1]
      Integrating remote sensing data and rapid appraisals for land-cover change analyses in Uganda [2]
      Interaction of mutant loci opaque-2 and waxy on kernel quality and disease susceptibility in maize. [1]
      Isolation, screening and characterization of microbes with potential application in the treatment of Kampala City Abattoir effluent [1]
      Joint forest management: a community training manual for forest communities [1]
      Jubia Central Forest Reserve and its users : A Site monitoring report prepared for presentation to the local people and officials of Jubiya Central Forest Reserve [1]
      Kajjonde forest and its users: a site monitoring report prepared for presentation to the local people and officials of Kajjonde Forest Reserve [1]
      Kapkwai forest and its users: a site report prepared for presentation to the local people and officials of Kapkwai forest- Mt Elgon National Park [1]
      Katebo site report : third visit - 2004 [1]
      Land evaluation for rainfed agriculture based on farmers' indigenous knowledge: A case study of Mitayana District [1]
      Land resource degradation and poor farming community in South-Eastern Uganda [1]
      Land tenure systems and extension methods: assessment of agroforestry adoption in Kalungu Sub-county, Masaka District, Uganda [1]
      Land use and environmental degradation in fragile ecosystems: A case study of rangelands in Nakasongola District [1]
      Land use and land cover changes in Nsooba-Lubigi wetland system, Central Uganda [1]
      Land use transitions and vegetation dynamics in the Rwizi catchment, Uganda [1]
      Land use, user rights, tenure and tree planting in Uganda [1]
      Land use/cover change of Nakivubo wetland and the variation of water quality in the upper, lower wetlands and the inner Murchison Bay interface, Kampala Uganda [1]