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      Morphological and nutritional characteristics of Tamarindus Indica (LINN) fruits in Uganda [1]
      Mpanga forest site report: third visit - 2004 [1]
      Mugalu's forest and its users: a site monitoring report prepared for presentation to the local people and officials of Mugalu's forest [1]
      Mugomba Forest Reserve site report: third visit - 2005 [1]
      Multi-criteria assessment of community forestry program in Uganda [1]
      Mycorrhizal assemblages and potential for enhancing growth of calliandra calothyrsus and sorghum bicolor in degraded lands: the case of Mabira Forest Reserve and semi-arid Soroti [1]
      Najjakulya private forest site report: third report - 2005 [1]
      National case study: Uganda [1]
      Nematode 18S rRNA gene is a reliable tool for environmental biosafety assessment of transgenic banana in confined field trials [1]
      Nematode control and soil fertility improvement in banana using sunn hemp in Uganda [1]
      Non-timber forest products marketing: field testing of the marketing information system methodology [1]
      Non-timber forest products markets: actors and income determinants [1]
      Noninvasive analysis of population genetic structure of Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei berigei) of Bwindi National Park in Uganda [1]
      Nutri-medicinal plants used by the immunocompromised people in Namungalwe sub county, Iganga District [1]
      Nutrition education competencies needed by agricultural extension workers in Uganda [1]
      Nutrition education intervention promoting dried Moringa oleifera Leaf products to improve diets of rural households [1]
      Nutritional and microbiological quality of sun-dried silver cyprinid during storage [1]
      Nutritional composition and bioactive components of selected indigenous fruits from the Lake Victoria Basin Districts in Uganda and Rwanda [1]
      Oil content and physicochemical characteristics of oils from wild plants of Kivu Region, Democratic Republic of Congo [1]
      Oil infrastructure development: Displacement and livelihood implications for communities in Kabaale parish, Buseruka Sub County-Hoima District [1]