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      Resilience of forest trees to debarking by elephants in Rabongo Forest, Murchison Falls National Park - Uganda. [1]
      Resilient conservation farming systems and land degradation in Bungokho Mutoto Ridge of Mt. Elgon Watershed, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Resistance to the weevils Cylas puncticollis and Cylas brunneus conferred by sweetpotato root surface compounds [1]
      Resistance in tropical maize to the maize weevil and larger grain borer. [1]
      Resistance of cowpea to scab disease and diversity of Sphaceloma SP. occurring in Uganda [1]
      Resistance of farmer preferred varieties and use of varietal mixtures to control angular leaf spot disease in common beans. [1]
      Resistance of soybean germplasm to the groundnut leaf miner (aproaerema modicella) in Uganda [1]
      Resistance to rice yellow mottle virus and performance of selected improved rice genotypes in Central Uganda [1]
      Resistance to Stenocarpella maydis and Fusarium graminearum cob rot pathogens in tropical maize [1]
      Resistance to the African and spotted stem borers in sorghum in Kenya. [1]
      Resource use efficiency in potato production in South Western Uganda. [1]
      Response of improved cassava varieties in Uganda to cassava mosaic disease (CMD) and their inherent resistance mechanisms [1]
      Response of local cassava varieties in Uganda to cassava mosaic virus disease [1]
      Response to phenotypic screening of Mubende meat goats [1]
      Risk factors and the role of wildlife in the maintenance of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Uganda [1]
      Risk factors associated with maternal depression in rural Uganda: A case of Kamuli District [1]
      The role of camel production in household resilience to droughts: evidence from Karamoja, Uganda [1]
      The role of farmers' groups and their selected factors in the adoption of improved longe 5 maize variety in Adjumani District, Uganda [1]
      The role of farmers’ organisations in enhancing economic efficiency in potato production in Musanze District, Rwanda. [1]
      The role of metabolites in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) resistance to Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) [1]