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      Production risk and input use in banana production in Uganda [1]
      Production, utilization and nutritional value of indigenous vegetables compared to exotic vegetables in Jinja (Uganda) And Vihiga (Kenya) [1]
      Productivity and morphology of Ankole cattle in three livestock production systems in Uganda [2]
      Profit efficiency among rice producers in Eastern and Northern Uganda [1]
      Profitability of contract barley farming in Kapchorwa District, Uganda [1]
      Profitability of pineapple production in Kayunga District, Central Uganda [1]
      Projected climate induced suitability changes in coffee prone areas of Uganda [1]
      Provisional methodology for the assessment of trees outside forests (TOF) in Uganda. [1]
      Public and private service provision of solid waste management in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Pyrolysis of pine and eucalyptus wood residues for production of biofuels and biochar [1]
      A qualitative evaluation of alternative development strategies for Ugandan fisheries [1]
      Quality attributes and drying rate of Silver Cyprinid (Rastrineobola Argentea) during different processing methods [1]
      Quantification of monetary losses due to illegal pit-sawing in Budongo Forest, Uganda [1]
      Quantification of monetary losses due to illegal pitsawing in Budongo Forest, Uganda [1]
      Reaction of rice cultivars to a virulent rice yellow mottle virus strain in Uganda [1]
      Reaction of waxy and opaque-2 inbreds and their derived progenies to multiple foliar diseases of maize in Uganda [1]
      Real estate development, land tenure and land value dynamics in the Peri-urban areas of Greater Kampala City [1]
      Recruitment and volume increment of selected indigenous tree species in Mabira Forest Reserve, Central Uganda [2]
      Reducing the carbon footprint from transportation in growing cities: Application of city planning approaches in Kampala City, Uganda [1]
      Regeneration status of indigenous forest tree species of Mt. Otzi Forest Reserve, Moyo District [1]