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      Medicinal plants and associated indigenous knowledge of the Lugbara in Arua District [1]
      Microbial safety of Lake Nabugabo water for recreation [1]
      Mineral fertilizer response and nutrient use efficiencies of East African highland banana (Musa spp., AAA-EAHB, cv. Kisansa) [1]
      Mixed cropping systems for sustainable domestic food supply of the smallholder farming communities in Nakasongola District, Central Uganda [1]
      Model fitting, selection and evaluation of inoculum from slaughtered cattle for ruminant feed evaluation [1]
      Modeling the potential distribution of Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn (shea nut tree) in the Kidepo Critical Landscape in the face of climate change [1]
      Modelling the impact of stunting on childhood survival in Buhweju district and the cost of its prevention [1]
      A molecular genetic study of Bulinus species in Lake Albert (Butiaba Parish) [1]
      Molecular genetics of foot-and-mouth disease and the role of small ruminants in its epidemiology in Uganda [1]
      Molecular structure and functional properties of starches on the East African market [1]
      Morphological and genetic diversity analysis of rice accessions (Oryza sativa L.) differing in iron toxicity tolerance [1]
      Morphological and nutritional characteristics of Tamarindus Indica (LINN) fruits in Uganda [1]
      Mpanga forest site report: third visit - 2004 [1]
      Mugalu's forest and its users: a site monitoring report prepared for presentation to the local people and officials of Mugalu's forest [1]
      Mugomba Forest Reserve site report: third visit - 2005 [1]
      Multi-criteria assessment of community forestry program in Uganda [1]
      Mycorrhizal assemblages and potential for enhancing growth of calliandra calothyrsus and sorghum bicolor in degraded lands: the case of Mabira Forest Reserve and semi-arid Soroti [1]
      Najjakulya private forest site report: third report - 2005 [1]
      National case study: Uganda [1]
      Nematode 18S rRNA gene is a reliable tool for environmental biosafety assessment of transgenic banana in confined field trials [1]