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      Occupational safety and health practices in Total Uganda Limited [1]
      Occupational stress, organizational citizenship behaviour, psychological contract and performance among field workers: a case of World Vision Uganda [1]
      Official development assistance and its impact on economic growth: Uganda's case (1980-2015) [1]
      Oil industry role and SME growth in Uganda [1]
      On and off-balance sheet risk activities and financial performance of banks in Uganda: A case of Stanbic Bank Uganda [1]
      On multivariate imputation and forecasting of decadal wind speed missing data [1]
      On statistical definition of free and fair election: Bivariate normal distribution model [1]
      Operant competencies, distributive justice and organisational citizenship behavior among public sector accountants [1]
      Operation and maintenance of market toilets in Kampala City [1]
      Operational costs, lending policies and outreach of Urwego Opportunity Microfinance Bank LTD, Rwanda [1]
      Operational risk management and fraud mitigation: A case study of Housing Finance Bank (U) Limited [1]
      Operational risk management framework in the banking industry : a case of DFCU bank Uganda [1]
      Operational risk management in commercial banks: Case study of Bank of Africa-Uganda Limited (BOA-U) [1]
      Optimisation of technical human resource in management of road maintenance projects: A case study of Pallisa District [1]
      Optimization performance models of venture capital firms in Uganda [1]
      Organisational climate, competencies, empowerment, organisational commitment and organisational citizenship behaviour in the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Uganda [1]
      Organisational climate, organisational learning, innovation and academic achievement in government aided primary schools in Kampala District [1]
      Organisational culture, empowerment, job-satisfaction and commitment to the implementation of intergrated financial management system in the Public Sector in Uganda [1]
      Organisational culture, human resource practices and managed counterproductive work behavior in selected child-care giving NGOs of World Vision, Plan International, Child Fund International and ANPPCAN [1]
      Organisational culture, organisational change, empowerment, organisational citizenship behaviour and employee performance : a case study of Posta Uganda. [1]