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    • Co-allocation with communication considerations in multi-cluster systems 

      Ngubiri, John; van Vliet, Mario (2008)
      Processor co-allocation can be of performance benefit. This is because breaking jobs into components reduces overall cluster fragmentation. However, the slower inter-cluster communication links increase job execution times. ...
    • The Influence of Job Physical Characteristics on their Schedulability in Multi-cluster Systems 

      Ngubiri, John; van Vliet, Mario (Fountain Publishers, 2006)
      Performance (and sensitivity) studies in parallel job scheduling mostly use average values of the measurement metrics over the entire job stream. This does not give an idea of relative job performance (hence starvation) ...
    • A Metric of fairness for parallel job schedulers 

      Ngubiri, John; van Vliet, Mario (Wiley Interscience, 2009-08-25)
      Fairness is an important aspect in queuing systems. Several fairness measures have been proposed in queuing systems in general and parallel job scheduling in particular. Generally, a scheduler is considered unfair if some ...