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      Development and assessment of nutritional quality and sensory properties of orange-fleshed sweetpotato and bambara groundnut-based snacks for school children [1]
      Diversity and utilization of selected edible indigenous fruit trees in Northern Uganda [1]
      Diversity of sorghum in farmers’ fields in Northern and Eastern Uganda [1]
      Documenting and disseminating agricultural Indigenous knowledge for sustainable food security in Uganda [1]
      Effect of amylase activity in germinated maize flour on viscosity, energy and nutrient density of complementary porridge [1]
      Effect of cultivar and thermotherapy combined with meristem-tip culture on eliminating prevalent viruses infecting potato in Uganda [1]
      Enhancing agricultural knowledge sharing among smallholder farmers in Uganda: An evaluation of mobile and web technologies [1]
      Evaluation of biochemical components as a mechanism of cassava resistance to whitefly infestation in Uganda [1]
      Evaluation of Mungbean plant spacing for optimising yield in smallholder cropping systems [1]
      Evaluation of the response of rice genotypes to bacterial leaf streak disease in Uganda [1]
      Extent of commercialization of indigenous chicken production in Northern Uganda [1]
      The Fifth African Higher Education Week and RUFORUM Biennial Conference 2016 [1]
      The fifth African Higher Education Week and RUFORUM Biennial Conference 2016 [2]
      Genetic diversity of mycobacterium tuberculosis, drug resistance and atypical mycobacteria in Rwanda [1]
      Growth performance of Clarias gariepinus hatchlings fed on enzyme pre-digested dry diets from first feeding [1]
      Harnessing higher education institutions’ capabilities in controlling trans-boundary animal diseases at the livestock-wildlife interface: The case for African swine fever in Uganda [1]
      Improving protein and micronutrient quality of cassava meal for application in primary school feeding in Uganda [1]
      In-vitro techniques for elimination of viruses causing cassava mosaic disease and cassava brown streak disease [1]
      Influence of mountainous ecosystems in the production of Arabica coffee [1]
      Influence of organizational structure on actor interaction within community level innovation platforms in Eastern Uganda [1]