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      African animal and human trypanosomiasis in South Eastern Uganda: animal reservoirs, vector competence and characterisation of trypanosoma brucei isolates [1]
      Analysis of poultry traditional indigenous knowledge mystical systems and their role in control and prevention of poultry diseases, Masaka District. [1]
      Animal health intervations for human health benefits [1]
      Antibacterial and phytochemical properties of selected poultry ethnomedicinal plants in Masaka District [1]
      Antimicrobial resistance and presence of class 1 integrons in salmonella serovars isolated from clinical cases of animals and humans in North Dakota and Uganda. [1]
      Antiretroviral resistance mutation profiles among drug regimens and HIV-1 Subtypes in Uganda [1]
      Assaying for thermostable DNA polymerase activity in putative theromophilic bacteria isolates from selected garbage dumping sites and hot springs, in Uganda [1]
      Assement of trypanosome prevalence in FITCA high risk areas [1]
      Assessing the performance of TB-HIV activities at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital, 2012-2014 [1]
      Assessment of event mobile application for livestock disease reporting in Karamoja [1]
      Assessment of health laboratories in handling epidemics of public health importance in Kampala District [1]
      Assessment of human and veterinary drug shop sellers’ practices and awareness of antimicrobial resistance : a cross section study in Jinja, Uganda [1]
      Assessment of knowledge and detection of post weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome in pigs in selected Districts of Uganda [1]
      An assessment of livestock technology packaging and dissemination in Rukungiri District [1]
      Assessment of possible sources of endocrine disruptors and microbial pathogens and their impacts in the Lake Victoria Basin in the East African Region. [1]
      Association between malaria preventive treatment regimens in pregnancy and plasmodium falciparum drug resistance mediating polymorphisms in Busia district, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Bacterial pathogens associated with febrile conditions and their antimicrobial sensitivity pattern in children from Mbale hospital, Uganda [1]
      Bovine trypanomiasis in South-Western Uganda: packed-cell volumes and prevalence of infection in the cattle. [1]
      A burgeoning epidemic of sleeping sickness in Uganda [1]
      Caprine ovarian and uterine lesions: An abattoir survey [1]