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      "Abortion? That's for women!" Narratives and experiences of commercial motorbike riders in South-Western Uganda. [1]
      The administrator as a change agent: an overview [1]
      Adolescent fertility and sexuality in Uganda: determinants, consequences and management [2]
      Adolescent fertility and sexuality in Uganda: determinants, consequencies and management. [1]
      The adventures of the Randy Professor and Angela the sugar mummy: Sex in fictional serials in Ugandan popular magazines. [1]
      'African sex is dangerous!' Renegotiating 'ritual sex' in contemporary Masaka district. [1]
      The agrarian question and the role of women as chief agricultural producers in Africa: the case of Uganda [1]
      The agrarian sector and economic development in Tanzania. [2]
      Agricultural change: compulsion in the implementation agricultural policies: a case study from Iringa [2]
      Ambivalence surrounding elderly widows’ sexuality in urban Uganda. [1]
      An analysis of the Agro-industry in Uganda and its role in economic development [2]
      An analysis of the demand for sugar in East Africa [1]
      Are HIV unaware persons the hidden population at high risk of HIV infection or re-infection in Uganda [1]
      Aspects of food shortages in Tanganyika (1925-45) [2]
      Aspects of urban unemployment in Uganda. [2]
      Attendance patterns and causes of dropout in primary schools in Uganda: a case study of 16 schools [1]
      Attitudes to voluntary counselling and testing for HIV among pregnant women in rural South-west Uganda. [1]
      Basis of conflict among peasant communities [2]
      Beyond Nuremberg: The historical significance of the post-apartheid transition in South Africa. [1]
      Breastfeeding practices and attitudes relevant to the vertical transmission of HIV in rural South-west Uganda. [1]