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      Re-examining the effects of trade openness on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      Readiness of health facilities to provide geriatric-friendly care services in the urban areas of Uganda: a case study of Kampala District [1]
      Real Exchange Rate and its Impact on Uganda’s Economic Growth (1999-2015) [1]
      Records management systems in Small and Medium Entreprises, a case of Kampala District [1]
      Recruitment procedures and its effect on retention of academic staff at Makerere University. [1]
      Regional analysis of factors influencing school dropout among girls in Uganda [1]
      Regional differences in potential determinants of hypertension among Ugandan adults [1]
      Regional economic integration and its implications on exports and economic growth in the COMESA region (1980-2010) [1]
      Regional variation in utilization of post-partum care services in Uganda [1]
      Regulatory compliance in Ugandan public procurement: A case of Central Government PDEs [1]
      Regulatory compliance, corporate governance and sustainable performance; a case of manufacturing companies in Kampala metropolitan area [1]
      Regulatory mandate, professional ethics and sustainable housing construction in Uganda: a case of Kampala district. [1]
      Regulatory technology implementation, strength of auditing standards, and money laundering prevention among a few selected commercial banks in Kampala [1]
      Relational capital and firm performance: A case of manufacturing tea firms in Uganda [1]
      Relational norms and tax compliance among individual income tax payers in Uganda [1]
      The relationship between competencies, counterproductive work behavior, organizational citizenship behavior, and performance of District Tender Board members in Uganda [1]
      The relationship between demographic and socio-economic factors and household size in Uganda [1]
      The relationship between education and economic growth: A Granger causality test [1]
      The relationship between electronic banking and financial performance of Kenya Commercial Bank – Uganda [1]
      Relationship between external debt stock and inflation in Uganda (2006-2018) [1]